History shows the growth of Cockburn has emanated outwards from Fremantle

I FIND the news in last week’s Gazette of Adin Lang’s planned secession from Cockburn quite amusing.

Anyone paying enough attention to the history of Cockburn would be aware that the growth of Cockburn has emanated outwards from Fremantle since the time of the Fremantle Road Board.

Hamilton Hill and Coolbellup got all the attention in the early years; then Spearwood, Munster, Yangebup, North Lake… each decade the “majority of council funding” has been spent on the new suburbs.

Now, most council funding is going towards projects in the east.

What happens when it hits the border?

Do you think the council will start funding projects in Armadale?

Or is it much more likely the council’s gaze for urban planning will swing back to the west?

The existence of the Cockburn coastal district makes me think that if North Coogee and Hamilton Hill were to leave now, it would be like paying for dinner and then leaving as the waiter came out with your food.

I can only hope the residents of Hamilton Hill are not as shortsighted.

Fremantle does need a larger ratepayer base, and the developments under way will bring that in time.

If Fremantle is after a quick fix though, maybe East Fremantle might be a better fit and it requires just removing four letters from some signs and some administration changes.