Ideas for Rotto

THERE were news reports about proposed improvements to Rottnest Island. I have been a regular visitor to Rottnest for more than 60 years, using all types of accommodation.

I have stayed at the hotel, the lodge and rented houses in both winter and summer.

I have also owned a boat for most of those years.

I therefore feel I know more about Rottnest than most people.

The proposed hotel at Mt Herschel will never happen � forget it: knockers have put off too many developers, resulting in them losing money.

There is certainly a need for a five-star hotel for some visitors who can afford such accommodation.

The best idea would be to extend the present hotel with modern, self-contained units in the same architecture.

As far as a marina is concerned, it is not needed because it would only benefit a few boaties.

A better idea would be to reorganise the present mooring system and put more moorings in. The way to do it is to keep the smaller boat moorings in one area and the larger boat moorings in another.

To save space, all moorings should be anchored to a submerged pile; this would save space because a boat would not have mooring chains to drag when the wind blows.

FRANK GRANGER. Applecross.