Roe 8 and Melville Council’s Support

IN response to Scott Edgar’s letter in the December 15 edition headlined “Makes me laugh”, I have to say as a Melville resident, I find many things sad about my council’s support for Roe 8 and the PFL.

It uses ratepayers’ dollars for advertisements claiming the benefits of the “Melville Bypass” such as reducing congestion.

Have you ever heard of “induced traffic”? It is where traffic actually increases when new roads open.

I suspect that congestion will be compounded by the amount of infill development happening in our area too and high-rise development in the Canning Bridge district.

It sounds like we will be paying $1.6 billion of taxpayers’ money to stay in the same place…or go significantly backwards.

Our State and Federal governments are equally committed to build this road at any cost: environmental, cultural or financial.

Numbers such as $1.6 billion boggle the mind… all for a 13km road.

You would need $1 dollar for every second of every day for almost 51 years to amass such a sum of money.

That is more money than Mr Turnbull is committing to our “innovation package” while Mr Barnett is crossing his fingers that the commodity prices will rise to rid us of our budgetary woes.

While it really does seem like a joke, I am not laughing.