Just a Freeway: Perth Freight Link

IN his letter in the January 19 edition headlined “Fact is missed” Jim Reddyhough mounts arguments to support the Perth Freight Link.

It is a pity that none of them has any basis in reality.

Jim believes that the PFL is being built for trucks; Transport Minister Dean Nalder disagrees.

He enthusiastically told a delegation of White Gum Valley residents in November that more than 90 per cent of vehicles would be cars. He said that the “freight link” was only dreamed up to get federal funding.

In other words, the PFL is just a freeway. All the world knows that freeways do not ease traffic congestion, they merely push it from one community to another.

Of course, this will be a freeway with a difference. Main Roads is intending to allow triple-trailer road trains to traverse it 24/7, every day of the year.

Have fun, Jim, out for a family Sunday drive with those on either side of you at freeway speeds.

BARRY HEALY, Fremantle.