Just who is in control?

He is out for four to five weeks with an anterior cruciate ligament tear in the knee and severely sprained ankle after a Melville player took his legs out from under him in a marking attempt.

A free kick was awarded to my son but he was unable to take the kick and was lifted from the ground by club officials.

No Melville official or spectator asked how he was or assisted us to take him to hospital.

Both my son and the Melville boy who was knocked out in the game arrived at the same hospital at the same time. The Melville boy left shortly after arrival; however, we only left at 2am the following morning.

In addition, the Melville boy was able to play the following week, my son was not.

Jandakot Jets now have two boys out of the team, Melville none.

The Jets player who, it was reported, was given a three-week suspension did not receive a yellow or red card for the incident.

The umpires did not report it, parents did; so who is in control? I think parents need to stay out of the game.