Life’s tools stolen

That is something obviously unheard of in their life.

The theft has rendered me useless to be involved with my hobbies of wood and metal work and helping friends and relatives to make their projects easier and more professional.

This service was not limited to the aforementioned but was available to anyone in need of help, without consideration of any monetary reward, although donations where accepted graciously as living on a pension is impossible.

The theft has destroyed all this but I am sure some other receiving scumbag rewarded the thief with a pill or some powder so they can continue their drug habit until they are caught or overdose.

To the public who might be offered cheap tools and equipment, please look at the tools before you buy as most of the gear stolen is marked with either D Pleysier, A.C.L or the numbers 32723930.

These markings will most likely have been removed, but it will leave behind grind or sanding marks in one particular place on the tools.

The theft was reported to Cockburn Police. Anyone who might come across the aforementioned goods can contact them on 9418 9777 and refer to incident report number 88075.

The night of the theft was 12 months after we left Brisbane to come to WA to retire after an absence of 30 years so we could be closer to friends and relatives.

In the years we were in Queensland we were not broken in to or lost anything to theft or robbery, and security measures taken to prevent those sort of crimes were basic.

We are very disappointed with WA.