Similarly, Bed Bowring, State president of Skating Oz, because skateboarding is their profession.

How annoying that those Fremantle ratepayers want to retain their unique postage stamp of green in the central city as park, not concrete. Check a satellite photo of all Freo and see how little green there is anywhere.

Donny commented on the divide of old versus young, an accusation understandably blamed on council at the public meeting, due to the lack of prior consultation.

The young use texts, tweets and Facebook, so the questionable majority the mayor harps on about is seriously flawed.

Ratepayers require a say in council spending our hard-earned $1.6 million, which ignores the $60,000 Esplanade Master Plan, meanwhile council properties fall into disrepair.

Will learning to skateboard be a pre-requisite for residents of the new high-rise apartments, rather than a walk in the park?

Fair consultation council, that’s your obligation. Do your duty rather than a popularity campaign.

SUZANNE JOHN, Fremantle.