More to Come: Roe 8

IN reply to Brad Capes (Why the aggro? Gazette, February 9), Brad, to use the vernacular; “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

Roe 8 supporters are so angry that tearing down a big, ugly, illegal sign is nothing to them. Thanks for giving them the credit.

People like you have been putting up ridiculous reasons for blocking Roe 8 for 14 years now, so what do you expect?

How are trucks going to get to the port if you will not let them build Roe 8, or don’t you care?

The tree you refer to was not cut down by Roe 8 protesters, as you seem to imply, but by Main Roads, not because it was starting to build Roe 8, but because the tree was considered a danger, although there is still considerable doubt as to whether this is true.

You talk rubbish about Roe 8 being “a road to nowhere”.

You are merely copying Green and Labor politicians, who are saying this just to be opposite to the obvious, sensible viewpoint.