News of Hammond Road Cottage Demolition Disappoints

IN response to the article in the February 23 edition headlined “Reprieve for old building”, I was the concerned citizen who brought Hammond Road Cottage to the attention of the Heritage Council by filling out the initial nomination form.

I received a response from the council telling me that they would look into it in December 2015.

I did not hear anything back but then I saw your article in the paper.

I am a local teacher at Jandakot Primary School and use this house as a cultural and social example of the history in our area.

I have taken classes to see the house and my students have enjoyed seeing what we discuss in the classroom “in real life”.

It is a wonderful example of the farming community and their housing prior to the urbanisation of the surrounding land.

To say I am disappointed that this cottage could not be saved is putting it mildly.

To have it demolished and “…an archival record and … some sort of art representing the history of the site” instead is extremely disappointing. Once demolished this history will never be regained.

Can another solution not be thought of before it is too late?

Could the dwelling be moved to another site for historical and educational purposes?

We should protect and preserve the heritage of our region; otherwise, after a while this place will start looking like anywhere else.

This little house is a key to our past where I hope the door remains open for all.

MARY McATEER, Success.