No queue to jump

First, Australia employs a quota system rather than a queue in deciding refugee intake.

Furthermore, there is no queue; the perception of ”queue jumping’ is an artefact of changes to policy when the Howard Government merged the ‘onshore’ and a part of the ‘offshore’ components of the Refugee and Humanitarian Program.

This policy needs reversing.

I agree with Mr Loftus that a great deal of money is wasted. Allowing asylum seekers to work will reduce this burden.

Research by Stilwell (2003) found that former asylum seekers increased economic development in regional Australia.

Afghan refugees living in the NSW country town of Young had a positive effect on the regional economy.

Their economic impact was estimated at around $2.4 million, together with an indirect impact of $1.7 million on the social capital and dynamism of the regional economy.

Asylum seekers and refugees can significantly contribute to Australia if given half a chance.