No Solution: Roe 8

COUNCILLOR Portelli from Cockburn joins Mayor Aubrey from Melville in the oft-repeated mantra that Roe 8 will remove traffic from roads (Gazette, February 23).

When will the message get through that moving traffic from one set of roads to another solves nothing?

A close look at a map of the proposed Roe 8 route makes nonsense of the claim that 80,000 daily traffic movements will be taken away from residential suburbs.

Suburbs all along the route will be adversely affected.

Local traffic denied access to and across Roe 8 and Stock Road, to make it easier for truck movements, will have no option but to use local residential streets to reach their destination

The disruption caused while construction is in progress will be enormous; and this for a route that still has no solution as to how traffic will get across the river to get to the port.

By the time all this has been resolved, if it ever is, Fremantle Harbour will have reached capacity and a new outer harbour will be needed anyway.

Why not divert the huge cost of Roe 8 to that project now?


Hamilton Hill.