Not a solution

I NOTE with some disappointment the plan to put a roundabout at the intersection of North Lake Road and Bibra Drive.

A roundabout will only increase the chaos that appears there every peak hour.

Because of the “rat-runners” who use Bibra Drive as a short cut, the afternoon traffic can bank up for around 500 metres, but North Lake, although busy eastbound, still moves.

Westbound traffic turning into Bibra is mostly local residents, plus a few “rat runners” taking a short cut to Farrington and/or Progress Drive.

A roundabout will make no difference to the traffic load at the intersection, but will definitely slow the total flow of North Lake in both directions.

I suggest some lateral thinking regarding traffic lights. The period of the problem is about four to five hours a day (7am to 9am and 3pm to about 6pm). For the other 19 or so hours in the day, the intersection does not have a big problem.

The lights would only need to operate as “normal” traffic lights for the five or so peak hours. The rest of the time they could be left on “flashing Amber” as a warning and to slow North Lake Road traffic.

In addition, with lights the timing can be adjusted to take care of traffic flow into the future. You are stuck with a roundabout.

As for the intersection as it is, a significant safety improvement can be achieved by removing the trees that effectively block the view of drivers of oncoming vehicles who are trying to turn right into Bibra Drive.

JOHN BROWN, Bibra Lake