Not as simple as Council makes it out to be

Make it easier to do what you ask, councillors.
Make it easier to do what you ask, councillors.

THE reported call for house owners to rip up their verges and plant native or water-wise plants and so forth is a good idea.

But the verge belongs to the local council or shire.

Many people have made their verge areas water-wise, only for the councils to warn house owners that they have to remove the hard stand, artificial turf and so forth because of safety fears.

Councils are afraid that if someone falls or tips on the verge then the council will be sued.

Under the verges there are cables, water and gas pipes. All may need to be repaired and these utilities’ services never return the verge to its original condition when the work is done.

If councils want homeowners to rip up the lawn and install nature and water-saving plants, then they need to change/amend their by-laws to stop any confusion.

Planting water-wise vegetation is not as simple as saying we should do it.

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