Nothing to lose

PERHAPS there are some councils that are managed well for the benefit of their voters. But as a resident and property owner in Fremantle, I can say that Fremantle is not one of them.

In the past 20 years, the number of council staff has increased from about 100 to more than 700 as our local council squanders money on duplicating existing State-run services.

Meantime, services to residents have been reduced to collection of rubbish and not much more. At the same time, the anti-development council has stifled growth of Fremantle to such an extent that our retail sector has been reduced to being almost non-existent and our one big department store closed.

The latest “brainwave” from our councillors is to cement over a significant portion of Fremantle’s largest park for a “youth plaza”, a glorified skate park, at an estimated cost of about $1.6 million.

Understandably, many residents do not want their inner-city park turned into a skate park, but they have been ignored.

The council does not even have the courtesy of replying to a member of the Fremantle Inner City Residents Association who wrote to the council querying the legality of the council’s decision.

With a council that shows such disdain for its residents, and having long ago lost the plot with regard to development of the city, we have nothing to lose by merging with Melville… except our closed shops and concrete parks.

Frank Acocella, Hilton