Notion flawed

THE Gazette�s recent letter headlined �There�s always protesters� is an interesting assessment, although, I believe it is flawed.

When removing congestion you must actually remove the number of vehicles from our roads, not just shift them to another suburb.

I see on most workdays the congestion and bank up of vehicles and trucks carrying one, maybe two, sea containers at best along Stock Road, turning left at Leach Highway on their way to the port and further along the proposed route.

This also occurs on their return from the port including both Fremantle traffic bridges.

Vehicles stuck behind these slow-accelerating vehicles, in particularly after sitting idle at lights spewing toxic fumes in the meantime, are at times taking two or three light changes to get through because of these trucks holding up faster-moving vehicles.

It is untrue that �thousands� of tonnes of carbon will not be pushed in the atmosphere as claimed.

Remember, no vehicles are being removed, just shifted through other suburbs and onto roads that are littered with traffic lights.

Our freeways are a standstill in the mornings and evenings, even after the duplication of the Narrows Bridge years ago and extra lanes on the freeways.

Coming from the north into the city is also a parking lot on workdays. The Mandurah rail line, which I believe is of great benefit to many, is already unable to cope as people cannot find a parking spot to use it.

They therefore revert to driving into the city thus adding to the already massive congestion.

If the Perth Freight Link is such a great idea as stated by the Melville mayor and others, why not petition for it to be built through the heart of the City of Melville; perhaps because the ratepayers would very likely oppose it.

It would bring unnecessary and unsustainable noise, pollution and congestion to a city that already is incapable of handling the problems of congestion and dissatisfaction that its ratepayers have to put up with already.

MARIO NARDI, Bibra Lake.