Objections to road proposals ignore cost to community

Objections to road proposals ignore cost to community

JOHN Douglas’ realistic and unbiased “overview” of Fremantle’s existing and future traffic management problems (Highway of hope, Gazette, June 21) exposes the hysterical rantings of those who have consistently used red herrings to divert attention from actuality.

Their objections to road proposals have been focused on truck freight movements, ignoring the ongoing unnecessary cost to the entire motoring community, which is being denied the obvious benefits of the planned road network.

While most of their protest is politically inspired, those living near the proposed extensions of the network are naturally concerned at their possible loss of secluded amenity.

Unfortunately, this is called progress in which the wellbeing of the entire community has to be considered before individuals.

It will be a disaster if a future Labor government turns back the clock to the Dark Ages.