Opinion: Council should not help people pay fines for illegal activities

Roe 8 is only off the table as long as Liberals are not in power
Roe 8 is only off the table as long as Liberals are not in power

AS a ratepayer in the City of Fremantle, I absolutely object to any participation by the Council assisting people help pay fines incurred as a result of illegal activities.

While I agree it is everybody’s right to protest, it must be done in a manner that does not interfere with law-abiding citizens going about their daily work.

The actions of these protesters has required many police to waste valuable resources when their time could be utilised elsewhere.

I am aware the Council is an opponent of Roe 8 and believe they are removing themselves from what they are elected to do: to serve the ratepayers and the City of Fremantle.

Helping people – and I would like to know if they are Fremantle residents – who have criminal charges to defend I am sure is not part of local government services.

It would be a wonderful exercise to see how many ratepayers are in favour of Roe 8, but as usual the vocal minority seem to overrule the rest.

After approaching one of my local councillors, Sam Wainwright, he informed me he was one of the arrested people.

So I don’t fancy my chances of changing the Council’s mind.