Opinion: Good time to upgrade roads

With Roe 8 dead, how about improving Anketell and Rowely roads?
With Roe 8 dead, how about improving Anketell and Rowely roads?

Since Premier McGowan and Transport Minister Saffioti have ruled out any extension of Roe 8 or 9 Highway and there is $1.2 billion sitting waiting to be spent on roads, it’s now a great time to upgrade Rowley or Anketell Road as an alternative for heavy vehicles heading to Henderson Ship Building complex (HSBC) or the Kwinana Outer Harbour.

There is going to be a big demand on roads leading to the HSBC within the next few years and also the need to build the outer harbour in the Kwinana Industries Area (KIA) into a world class international port for the state.

As both Mayor Carol Adams and Nick Evans (Opinion, January 22) explained, it does show the future for the KIA and HSBC regions that is planned for this region. To accommodate the increase of heavy vehicle traffic into and out of this area, there is an urgent need to upgrade either Rowley Road or Anketell Road in anticipation of a rise in truck traffic to the region.

By upgrading Rowley or Anketell roads now we will ensure positive increases of new industries into the Kwinana region, which will be a bonus for the state with better road safety, employment opportunities and less traffic congestion in Fremantle streets and surrounding areas.

There is a need now to look to the future and start upgrading roads and commence work on the outer harbour.

The state can’t sit and wait until 2020 before the McGowan government makes a move of upgrading this area in anticipation of big defence contracts being awarded to the state and increased traffic movement.