Opinion: Murdoch Drive connection a kick in the guts

Such a disappointment.
Such a disappointment.

Again, residents in the City of Melville have been let down by the state government.

Last month’s release of the final design for the Murdoch Drive Connection linking our hospitals to Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway is another kick in the guts for the people of Melville.

Last year, Labor won the State election and prioritised shutting down the Roe Highway project.

Whether because they believe the congestion on the way into Fremantle is not an issue that needs an immediate resolution or whether they are just against it because the Liberals are for it is not for me to say.

What I can say, with complete confidence, is that the decision on the final design for the Murdoch Drive connection is purely political.

The outcome for the City of Cockburn is brilliant.

The design ensures vehicles coming from the Kwinana Freeway or Roe Highway cannot get onto Farrington Road or Bibra Drive as they exit.

The only place these vehicles can go is up Murdoch Drive, resulting in more traffic through Melville.

The Minister says ‘balance’ has been struck, but I see nothing of the sort.

According to Ms Saffiotti, the final design addresses concerns from the Bibra Lake community and the City of Cockburn.

Melville’s concerns have been entirely ignored. Not quite balance.