Opinion: Roe 8 will cost homes, business

I THINK it’s time for the people in Fremantle and the surrounding area to ask Mark McGowan the hard question: how many homes and businesses will be lost if Roe8/9 does not go ahead?

Item 98 of Labor’s fresh ideas brochure clearly states that Leach Highway will be extended from Cannington to Stirling Highway.

How will this happen without removing people from their homes and demolishing houses?

Also businesses will go.

Then we have in his transport brochure: ‘Improve the management of truck movements to and from Fremantle Port and upgrade road links to ease congestion into Fremantle Port’.

In other words, grade separation of Leach Highway interchanges – another reason for the loss of homes and businesses (D’orsogna, Koala Storage etc).

Why are Labor saying they want to look after the people, yet they are willing to treat people with such disrespect in Fremantle?

Wake up Mr McGowan and commit to building Roe8/9.

Avoid people losing their homes.