Opinion: Stop Kiwi bashing

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I NOTE with interest your article on Ms Carrie Munro (May 2 edition, page 11).

She joins a long list of Kiwis who have made a significant contribution to Australia over the years.

Sharing the skies with her illustrious grandfather, Squadron Leader John Leslie Munro, CNZM, DSO, QSO, DFC, on the Dambusters raid were 12 Australians, one of whom was to rise to prominence in the RAF and was largely forgotten in his homeland: Air Marshal Sir Harold Brownlow Morgan “Micky” Martin, KCB, DSO & Bar, DFC and Two Bars, AFC.

This was very much an Anzac operation in the truest sense of the word.

Sadly the spirit of Anzac is very much under threat in modern day Australia as the contribution made to Australia by many thousands of New Zealand citizens since pre-Federation is downplayed.

Success stories like those of Carrie Munro’s will no longer be commonplace but become a rarity.

There will be fewer Alfred Shouts and William (Bill) Hudsons to contribute to our nation, no more Phar Laps and other equine greats to dominate our turf and no more John Clarkes and Russell Crowes to contribute to the rich diversity of art and culture that we enjoy.

Kiwi bashing may have its short term appeal but it could well backfire on us in the long run.

Kevin Bovill