Opnion: Chontelle Sands not invited to funeral

LET me state information that Councillor Chontelle Sands choose not to disclose for your online story:

The family requested Pro Roe 8 supporters attend

with signs.

The end of his partner’s eulogy said ‘Go Roe 8’.

Chontelle was not invited to the funeral by the family.

Chontelle calls the supporters inappropriate but how appropriate her communication to the newspapers days after the funeral, saying she was ambushed – check the photos on Facebook, she can’t be ambushed if she was the one grabbing the protester from behind.

How inappropriate for her to attend after her unpleasantness to Steve, how inappropriate was her information to you.

I am absolutely appalled that Steve’s grieving family and friends have to read such absolute rubbish, it’s not your writer’s fault, it lies solely with Chontelle.

Lorna Hardy,

Bibra Lake