Our own first

Our Prime Minister is favouring foreigners. Boat people come into our country, some with no ID. They are allowed in and in a short time released in the suburbs, given accommodation and $220 per week.

Yet pensioners receive just $100 more and no accommodation.

What about our homeless people; those who live in tents or in their car? Where is the justice?

Why should our people suffer? Why should pensioners be downgraded by our Government to help outsiders seeking a better life.

JAY WALSH, Munster.

I SUPPORT Jim O’Neill in seeking answers to the legitimate questions he raised at the Town of East Fremantle Council meeting.

Those questions must be answered as every ratepayer is entitled to know how and why money that they contribute is being spent, whether the spending is by the council, the councillors or the council employees.

To quote the Local Government Act as good reason for not answering or offering to respond, or that the matters could be confidential, is not appropriate because the council is acting on behalf of ratepayers.

If consultants are being employed (as is the case in the formation of the East Fremantle Oval Precinct Community Reference Group) then ratepayers are entitled to know why they are being used and how much they are being paid.

The ratepayers will no doubt be expected to contribute to any facilities for the professional football club that is controlled by the West Australian Football Commission. Therefore, they are entitled to know what meetings have been held by the council with the Department of Sport and Recreation, the Commission and East Fremantle Football Club to discuss the perceived requirements of the football club and what those perceived needs are going to cost.

Not to do so heightens the feeling of distrust and leads to the negativity of which the mayor spoke.