Parking fee puzzle

With the pressure on parking, why has this area not become available?

I also have concern with the new tunnel to Gateway shopping centre from the station. Do all buses still have to go via there? I ask because to me it would make more sense to run a shuttle service to the shopping centre from the station.

This would enable the buses from the station to get to the suburbs quicker.

I also believe that where there is a train originating at Cockburn Central, the trains from Mandurah should run express to Perth Underground, and conversely when there is a train to Cockburn Central station the trains to Mandurah should run express from Perth Underground; Sydney and Melbourne do this very efficiently.

The timing of the early-morning bus and train services need to be re-examined. The first train from Cockburn Central is 5.36am and the next is 6.02am, both of which have connecting buses.

But the next train that a bus connects with is the 6.42am: that is 40 minutes in the morning peak and in between there are 6.22 and 6.32 trains.

Throughout the day there are many more examples of how there needs to be consideration given to co-ordination of interconnecting services between bus and train.

It is acknowledged that our future challenges will be transport infrastructure. If we have connecting services that provide effective passenger interchange that is a step towards reducing infrastructure costs.

As a regular commuter, I am frustrated with the bus services along North Lake Road from The Lakes shopping centre and Osprey Drive. The 520 and 514 services nearly always run behind each other and the 530 is often a couple of minutes in front or behind these services.

If these services were rescheduled, there could be a more frequent user-friendly service that would provide a 15-minute bus service for South Lake residents to Gateway shopping centre and Cockburn Central train station.

Another point of contention is that the off-peak and weekend bus services only run hourly after 7pm. Why not half-hourly?

I believe these measures could reduce the pressure on car parking.