People’s beach

THERE is a group of people trying to get Coogee Beach open for dogs and this must be fought.

This is a family beach and there are adequate dog beaches close by: C. Y. O�Connor, The Powerhouse bay North Coogee and Woodman Point, all the south side including a bay at the launching ramps.

From the Ammunition Jetty south to Jervoise Bay Sailing Club could be made a dog beach (at least in part).

There is a dog beach at South Beach.

Our shark barrier is attracting more people every week to our beach and we do not want boisterous dogs mixing with children and contaminating our sands or beach attire.

Some people are also allergic to dogs and their droppings.

Moreover, pooch bags are left along our dual-use pathways.

Some dog lovers simply pick up their dog�s excreta and leave the little yellow bags right where it happened.

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