Place deserved

UNQUESTIONABLY, Aboriginal place names have added considerably to the rich heritage of our State and thus Quendalup deserves a place on the map as a geographic place name.

Equally the Treeby family has also made a significant contribution to the military history and heritage of our State.

Thus I extend my congratulations to Councillor Steve Portelli on his initiative and my thanks to Minister Joe Francis for his support.

Also deserving of recognition are the efforts of Councillor Stephen Pratt and the ARG seeking to have the name Quendalup given its due recognition also.

Should Councillor Portelli not be successful in his quest then there will be an opportunity to honour the Treeby family in the Anzac Memorial Walk and precinct that will link Cockburn Central railway station to the new home of the Dockers.

Presently, the new demographic centre of the expanded City of Cockburn lacks a significant war memorial (Banjup being only a World War I memorial) and the old City of Cockburn War Memorial has served the city well but no longer meets the needs of the city�s rapidly increasing population and the growing public support for Anzac Day.

A new memorial and a suburb named Quendalup would meet the needs of both groups and the needs of the new and rapidly expanding Greater Cockburn