Premier has eroded goodwill

The Liberal Government had a resounding win and shot to power.

They started pressing ahead with the Elizabeth Quay project, sods were turned at the Burswood Stadium site, the Emperor’s pet projects.

The rail projects rushed out at the last minute, just to clinch the swinging vote, were given the thumbs down.

The excuse was that a likely Abbott-led Federal Coalition didn’t like trains; the WA voters had been railroaded once again.

Before the election, he said that the amalgamation of councils would not be forced.

Suddenly we hear that local councils can proceed with the draft plans if they so wish and they have a 12-month period to come up with an amicable agreement in line with the draft; if not, it will be forced through.

When tackled on radio talkback about going back on his election promises, Colin virtually laughed in our faces.

I forget his actual words, but he implied that electioneering promises are just a means to an end and that people trusted him ‘to do the right thing’.

In August, Colin and the playboy of the parliament introduced an austere Budget that outraged the majority of the population; he has had to scrap much of it.

Standard and Poor’s has downgraded the state’s credit rating.

What else can I say ” he is hell-bent on building his empire at the expense of the goodwill of the people.