Priorities all wrong

I READ with interest your article regarding our free-spending Cockburn city council, Coastal costs, Gazette, October 8, and was amazed at comparing the $50,000 being spent on the vital repairs to the coastal DUP and the extraordinary amount of $150,000 to be squandered on yet another needless advisory firm.

I would suggest that the council puts the latter amount towards a much more economically beneficial purpose, while seeking the much-neglected input from our regular users of our coastline.

Recently, a Melbourne visitor to our community inquired of me where the nearest sauna baths were.

I was quite taken aback by the interesting question and promised him that I would refer his inquiry to the relevant council, which just happens to be Cockburn.

Knowing that the old ambulance building is now lying vacant, I ask: Would our council consider reallocating that $150,000 towards a more economically viable project such as a revenue-raising sauna baths?

Colin Crook,

1B Doolette St,