Opinion: Drivers responsible for Leach Highway traffic problems

MAIN Roads is blaming rear-end crashes on Leach Highway to traffic congestion and stop-start traffic in their advertising.

That is utter nonsense.

The responsibility is with drivers and their ability to drive at a safe correct speed for the conditions, leaving enough space between the cars in front and with paying attention.

You will see at traffic lights that cars are sitting right on the bumpers of cars ahead of them.

Main Roads also is claiming 5000 heavy vehicles will be removed from certain roads such as South Street and Farrington Road, amongst others.

What it does not say is that it is just shifting those vehicles through other suburbs.

The same amount of toxic fumes is still being spewed out for more people to breathe them in.

If you take 100 trucks on Leach Highway and move them to Canning Highway, how many of those trucks are still on the road?

Still 100 but just in another area causing that new area the same problems you are claiming to have solved by shifting them from elsewhere.

MARIO NARDI, Bibra Lake.