Rail the way to cut congestion

I was caught behind a line of trucks at the Stock Road and Leach Highway intersection.

The banking up of all sorts of vehicles went for more than a kilometre.

This continued at every set of lights into the port.

On the way back, a long line of up to 10 long trucks caused traffic jams at the same intersections of lights on the same route.

At times, it took three light changes to get through.

These were the exact same streets and highways these slow-moving, toxic-spewing, traffic-jamming vehicles will be using if Roe 8 is built.

My travelling time to and from the port and back behind these vehicles, not including picking up a mate? 53 minutes!

My usual travel time is no more than 20 minutes.

Is it a sign of things to come?

Get these containers on rail if you want less congestion.

Building Roe 8 will only divert and add to the problem.