Respect the flag

Every Australia Day it seems it is attacked, humiliated, decried and insulted.

What other flag receives this treatment?

Even the ABC, the flag carrier of all things Australian, hands out insults regularly. On the February 4 televising of Q&A it ended up with an attack on our flag by a rapper – is that the word?

I have yet to see our flag on any ABC program unless it’s in a defamatory way.

Captain Sandy Small of Spearwood’s suggestion (Update flagged, Gazette, February 26) is interesting and of some import in the future, but I cannot tolerate it.

Is that what the indigenous people want?

I don’t think so.

Sorry Captain, but at least you didn’t insult me by burning the flag, as is often done.

How shameful is that: I would not do it to our flag or any country’s flag.

Yet here we insult and humiliate it.

Yet over the decades many, many folk from a wide variety of countries have found shelter, livelihood, succour and hope here.

While I see the flag held on Australia Day citizenship ceremonies I don’t see much more than that.

I hope the citizens treasure our flag’