Road to congestion

IN reply to Jim Reddyhough’s assumptions of myself in his letter in last week’s edition headlined “Case rested”, what I said was the Premier is claiming 5000 trucks will be “removed from WA roads”, which is not the truth.

He is only diverting them from one area (Leach Highway), which is an existing highway, through other suburbs, which are not highways and already suffer from congestion.

The proposed Stock Road route is a congestion nightmare in the mornings and evenings, more so in the afternoons and evenings. Mr Barnett wants to increase that congestion by adding those 5000 trucks that he keeps saying are being removed from WA roads to Stock Road and beyond to the port.

In addition Mr Reddyhough, Roe 9 is now in limbo. There is no definite decision of what will occur there, when anything will occur or how it will be funded.

The only certain thing is families are left in the dark on whether they will lose their homes in this ridiculous expensive, wasteful project that will do absolutely nothing to ease congestion or remove the toxic fumes from our roads.

By the way, how is congestion on the freeway with the duplication of the Narrows? It is still a car park on weekdays in the morning and in the evenings is it not Mr Reddyhough?

Roads do not remove congestion.

I rest my case.

MARIO NARDI, Bibra Lake.