Roads deadly

Since December 12 there have been up to a dozen motorcycle accidents resulting in nine people losing their lives.

Has Mr Barnett addressed this in any way?

Cockburn council has looked outside the square and installed a barrier at Coogee made by a local company rather than calling for a cull.

Locals use the protected area and to this day no attacks have been reported.

We don’t live in the water, we use it as part of recreation in the main.

Like all recreation there are risks, risks we know exist; yet we accept those risks by swimming and surfing in the ocean.

Couldn’t this Government at least have tried using barriers along our recreational swimming areas? When swimming we have flags to swim between. These areas are perfect for barrier trials.

For true hypocrisy, will Mr Barnett be officially opening the Rottnest swim again, thus encouraging swimmers into an area he says is too dangerous and must be protected by flyovers and baited drums.