Roe 8 Claims a Fallacy

I READ Jim Reddyhough’s letter with amusement.

Firstly, the congestion issue on the proposed route of Roe 8, in particular on Stock Road, is during weekdays not weekends.

Mr Reddyhough would know that if he actually took the time to travel and observe this during the peak hours.

Truck drivers I have had chats with have indicated that they will re-route around the proposed toll roads to avoid paying the fees, thereby sending them into residential side streets.

Adding lanes does not ease congestion (it did not work duplicating the Narrows Bridge) or re-routing and then claiming they are “removing” 5000 trucks is pure fallacy.

These trucks are still on our roads causing hold ups and spewing toxic fumes: that is just happening in someone else’s suburb.

The PFL and Roe 8 has been a project with decisions made on the run. The Government cannot even agree on how to get the trucks to the port.

Now a tunnel is Mr Nalder’s next thought bubble, yet homeowners are still in the dark over whether or not they will lose their homes.

How can Mr Barnett expect to charge a toll for a road that has failed environmental approval through the courts?

Part of the proposal is still in discussion mode and how will trucks finally get to the port is still an issue.

It is a bad project, badly planned and will never solve the ever-increasing problem of road congestion.

MARIO NARDI, Bibra Lake.