Shark solution outdated

I’ve let things slide on many occasions when I wanted to respond to some of his comments.

However, not this time after his letter in last week’s edition headlined ‘Eliminate threat’. His solution to sharks attacks (in their own environment) is to eliminate them.

Colin Barnett introduced a flawed drum lines solution that caught virtually no white pointers.

It was the whole point and the Premier had to do an embarrassing backflip on the drum lines. Now he is suggesting nettings, which were the very ones he didn’t want to have a bar of in the beginning.

This is the man Steve Portelli is applauding.

We lose more than 200 people a year, every year, on our roads yet no one is saying remove those vehicles.

Steve, talk to the experts on sharks; get the right information and you will be enlightened to how wrong you are on these magnificent beasts.

The ‘kill them’ mentality as a solution is outdated and lacks vision when there are many alternatives out there to appease both sides of the argument.

In the end, we know the risks, we know they’re there. We must take responsibility for our own safety and stop blaming the shark that is only doing what is natural.