Shop delights

I happened upon a new pop-up shop and it looked so appealing that I ventured inside. What I found was truly a taste of the ‘Fremantle of old’ ” hand spun and made clothing, original paintings and handmade fragrant soy candles in recycled olde-worlde china cups.

It created a real buzz in the centre and at one point, the talented artists behind it almost had a bit of a buying frenzy happening.

Sadly, they will only have their shop open for a few weeks because they cannot afford to take out a longer-term lease.

This got me thinking about the number of vacant shops in Fremantle and how, if these pop-up shops were more affordable, it surely would bring some much-needed interest and vibrancy back to the city.

Some sort of assistance to support the many talented local artists in ventures such as this would have to be a positive step in reinvigorating this delightful port city.

I do not live in Fremantle, but I am a regular visitor and it is always on the agenda when we have overseas guests, which is often.

However, lately, Fremantle seems to have lost some of its soul and I would love to see more of the exciting types of displays that I encountered last weekend.