Pesticide spray dangers for Bassendean residents.

OUR local governments have announced their public place pesticide spraying regimes will continue from September through to November.

While our local governments pour Glyphosate all over our playgrounds, parks, footpaths, verges and roads, the World Health Organization and International Agency for Research on Cancer have recently classified this pesticide a Class 2A probable carcinogen.

Our children’s health is at risk. Most residents won’t even be aware they have been exposed to a pesticide while signs are removed within minutes of spraying and children allowed to play on freshly sprayed grass.

The absurd practice of spraying hard surfaces with poisons must end. It is poisoning our environment, our health and wasting our ratepayers’ dollars on an ineffective and harmful method to control weeds.

Indeed local governments need to look at their own parks and gardens management practices to see that they themselves are spreading weed seeds.

The only way to protect your family is to ensure that you are on your council’s no-spray register and demand that your local government advertises exactly when parks have been sprayed.

JANE BREMMER, Bassendean.