Spread the load

I CAN’T believe reading that there is another meeting planned regarding containers carried on trucks and the dangers to people of diesel particles, fumes and so forth.

Where has everyone been for the past 12 years?

We have read a lot of drivel over the years about the high number of container trucks on Leach Highway, Hampton and now Stock roads and the proposed Roe Highway extension to Stock Road.

We heard scaremongering that ‘by building more roads, you will have more traffic’. What about spreading the load and getting heavy trucks off our suburban roads and highways.

To all the anti-Fremantle Eastern Bypass protesters, you’ve got what you wanted, resulting in heavy road use and congestion in our suburbs, now you have to live with it.

The Tagliaferri council of 2003 deleted the FEB road reserve; followed by the Gallop Labor Government that then deleted the Metropolitan Road Scheme.

These are the ones to blame for what we have today.

The dangers of diesel fumes and heavy trucks mixing with cars were known then, but those health and safety aspects were ignored.

The (maximum) of 30 per cent on rail (5700 containers a week) is a pipedream. So were the double-stacked container trains.

This leaves 70 per cent on the road, which works out to 13,460 containers a week still travelling down our highways.

We hear a lot about road to rail; that’s about 12 years too late. It was needed back in 2001-2003.

Brian Lethbridge, Samson