Subway needed

AS a regular bicycle rider between Success and Cockburn Central, one of my biggest nightmares is crossing Beeliar Drive in the vicinity of Gateway shopping centre.

The traffic is crazy, yet with plans to eventually expand Beeliar Drive to six lanes, and with the continual expansion of residential development in the Cockburn Central precinct, this problem is only going to intensify.

My suggestion is that the City of Cockburn collaborate with developers to build a subway under Beeliar Drive.

This should not simply be a small pedestrian thoroughfare, which most of the time is pretty ugly.

It should be a well lit, expansive community space, perhaps lined with some tasteful smaller retailers, and, yes, complete with a bike path.

Without such a subway, there will be a growing number of people taking unnecessary risks crossing Beeliar Drive.

Further, communities lying to the north and south of Beeliar Drive will be increasingly separated.

Wouldn’t it be great if a subway like this would become a core component of a thriving community in Cockburn Central?

Dave Groenenboom,

Pastor,Gateway Community Church,

Cockburn Central.