Supreme concern

IT is not the loss of infrastructure or possible rate increases that is a concern to me and many other Cockburn residents.

The only infrastructure at risk is proposed future developments such as the regional recreation and aquatic centre with the Dockers at Cockburn Central.

Will the vision and money saved be used for the community’s benefit as proposed?

The supreme concern is the loss of a professional team of staff and management. It is irreplaceable; it is Cockburn’s focus on community development, not just rubbish collection, parks, gardens, roads and paths.

Kwinana city was labelled weak and marginal; hardly sustainable. Cockburn has won the plaudits with State award followed by the national award for the most sustainable local government in Australia.

Now who do you want to run the show? Kwinana or Cockburn?

This is leaving aside the ethics and morality of all elected members.

The best fix is to ensure the Cockburn administration building and depot are within the new boundaries. Then put the Cockburn administration in charge. Then start afresh with elections for councillors and mayor.

Will common sense prevail, or is there a bit of vindictiveness prevailing with a touch of protecting one’s ivory towers?

Steve Portelli, Aubin Grove