Thanks Freo

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone in the Freo community involved in the recent round of fundraising activities for the benefit of those suffering in Nepal due to the recent earthquake and continuing aftershocks and tremors.

The Nepalese people have a mammoth task ahead of them to rebuild their homes, their communities and their schools, as do the Tibetans who live among them.

Your generosity in raising almost $30,000 is incredible. Trust that this will make a significant difference in the lives of many.

Gyuto House Australia with our visiting Gyuto Monks has been happy to participate in these events. Oxfam will no doubt be able to use these funds effectively and through the Tibetan community in Nepal we will endeavour to do our part in ensuring this assistance is put to good use.

Was lovely to see you all again however briefly; take care and many, many thanks.

It�s kindness and compassion in action.

MAUREEN FALLON, director, Gyuto House Australia Inc.,

Rosebank, NSW.