There’s always protestors

XENOPHOBIC, short- sighted, and ill-informed protesters, attacking the Perth Freight Link are part of Western Australia�s history.

Every time an important step forward for the State occurs, they are there with their doom and gloom.

Recent history showed the same attitude to the Northbridge Tunnel. It was forecast that large sections of buildings would fall into the tunnel and others would be irreparably damaged.

Then there was the Mandurah rail line. This was supposed to come with a big debt that would take generations to repay and no one would use it anyway.

Time has shown that it is a vital part of our transport system; we could not function without it.

We are fortunate that a sixty-year-old plan with road reservations is in place.

The Perth Freight Link is a one-off opportunity to move freight from the north, to Perth Airport and the port at Fremantle, removing congestion from Leach Highway and South Street.

Importantly, it also provides urgently needed access to Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The Perth Freight Link is a road of national importance, meaning it would be a defence road.

When the link is complete Bibra Lake will be much enhanced, and wildlife will be safeguarded. Surely, the Greens should be pleased that thousands of tonnes of carbon are not pushed into the atmosphere with a dedicated high-speed road, eliminating stop/start trucks on Leach Highway and South Street.