Think Again: Roe 8

IT isn’t the community that has been misled Cr Aubery and Cr Portelli, it is you who seem to think that it is possible to build your way out of congestion .

Building new roads results in an increase in traffic through induced traffic: trips that occur due to the availability of new capacity. This has been proved time and time again by a great number of traffic studies.

For all our sakes, please go and read something like to find out more

The only way to avoid this is to provide viable alternatives through increasing investment in public transport such as light rail, and more frequent bus trips down arterial roads.

That is something our road-mad governments are not providing. Our State Government seems incapable of coming up with a cogent transport plan with ideas changing every day.

Locally, with plans for the Canning Bridge Precinct calling for “substantial redevelopment opportunities with an increase in residential densities and building heights”, along with recent rezoning of the Coolbellup area and infill developments right throughout our city, shouldn’t you be pushing for a lasting solution to our congestion nightmare?

Please ditch your support for this abomination of an idea and demand a sustainable solution rather than an incredibly expensive, environmentally and culturally destructive second-rate option?