Time for thank you

I wasn’t fed up, or tired, or wanting to get on with some great project. It was just the right time.

Now it’s time to say “thank you!”

I’m luckier than many: I have loved my work of 46 years as a health and physical education specialist teacher – my work with other people’s children.

I have never taken for granted the privilege it is to be entrusted with their care. I have understood daily what a huge blessing it is.

I have woken up almost every workday, joyful about going to school.

I have taught thousands of children – Cockburn children – in the past 22 years to run, jump, hit, kick, throw, catch, tumble, balance, swim, dance and be good sports.

My first school, in 1968, was Hamilton (now Senior) High. Some years later were my first ‘primary’ years at the now defunct Koorilla Primary School.

My final school was Phoenix Primary – so, full circle in Cockburn.

And it has all truly been a blast from the start.

Many of you, the children I have taught, are scattered out there. Some of you have brought your own children back to us.

I hope that you see this letter, because you have been my children too.