Time wasted

However, it is not possible if we’re stuck in traffic going 10km/h is it? Going from Roe to Kwinana freeways is one extremely slow-moving lane. This traffic is impeding all that study and leisure time I need and I do not want to be wasting that time sitting in a car.

The school expects us to study more than a third of the time I can have at home. I can’t fit all that I want and need to do when I have to spend my time in traffic.

The Government should widen all the road on the freeway; not only the main road, but also the roads leading to it. This would make it so much better for everyone.

Don’t we want a smoother, faster and more convenient route home? I am not only talking about myself but also for all the other people using the same routes.

The sooner they widen these routes, the better.