Where are the crabs?

However, if the commercial crabbers are taking all the catch then why are we not seeing the crabs on the supermarket shelves?

Many a time I have thought that maybe I should just go and buy a feed of blue crabs because if you were to add up the cost of doing it yourself it is much cheaper and easier to spend x amount of dollars per kilogram for a blue crab than to catch one yourself.

First, you must buy bait, second buy fuel for the boat and vehicle so you can tow it to a launching ramp and, three, make sure equipment and boat are in good condition.

In addition, boat and fishing licence and skipper’s ticket all can come into play if you are new. Moreover, fines are very heavy if you don’t follow the rules.

The supermarkets don’t seem to have crabs, so where are they all?

I don’t think the statement about a bad season can be made until we know for sure if commercial crabbers are taking the crabs or is it just a bad season all round.