Worrying words

A mum with a baby in a pram and an older child on top was walking in the car park and the baby was crying.

A man sitting outside the shops said: ‘I have kids; I know what that’s like.’

The mum stopped and said in completely firm and forthright way: ‘I don’t want them, I just really don’t.

‘What was I thinking? I just don’t want these kids.’

She said it in such a way that it has worried and concerned me.

To that mum, I am so sorry to hear those words. We all say things we don’t mean when stressed but please, your child heard you say that and precious innocent little ones deserve more from their mum.

Words are powerful and can make or break your child’s self-esteem.

There is help for you if you need a break. Please love your children by reaching out to get some support for yourself.

I am not writing this judging you at all; parenting is extremely hard. However, please treasure those little ones and keep them safe.