Wrong spot

ON reading the advertisement in the Gazette�s March 17 edition for the 10th Light Horse re-enactment, my family decided to attend.

The venue stated in your paper was South Beach, so we set off early to get parking and a good vantage point.

We then spent a very frustrating time trying to find out where the horses were and finally tracked them down at C. Y. O’Connor beach some distance farther south.

By this time, the ceremony was almost over, and the participants who had travelled long distances to take part must surely have been disappointed at the sparse number of spectators.

Or were many other folk like us looking at the wrong spot?

The advertisement did say it was at the horse exercise area but not everyone reading the Gazette would know where that area was.


n Editor�s note: The information was in a City of Cockburn advertisement, not in any report the Gazette published.