Ask the experts’ advice at Summit’s free interior design sessions

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BUILDING or renovating a home comes with many challenges, including decorating the interior.

Tiles type, flooring materials and the colour scheme are all decisions that can cause plenty of angst.

If you are about to embark on this journey, you have the chance to ask the experts with LaVie Group principal designer Kim Robertson and her award-winning team sharing on-trend design advice and inspiration at free design sessions at Summit Homes Group’s Style Studio, each Saturday this month.

Ms Robertson said start with a dream or vision – explore your style, be daring, step outside the square, have fun and be brave to execute and amazing interior.

“Assess the space you are about to let your creativity loose on,” she said

“Check the floors, do they need replacing or can you work with what you have.

“Check the walls and ceilings, these are the spaces to truly create impact.”

Kim Robertson and the LaVie Group will share on-trend design advice and inspiration at Summit Homes Group’s Style Studio this February.

Colour is important and impacts emotions and feelings.

“Therefore you need to navigate colour carefully, but do be brave,” Ms Robertson said.

“Reds, oranges and primary yellows are on the warm colour spectrum and while they evoke feelings of happiness, energy, warmth and comfort do be aware of where you place your colours.

“We use brave, bold colours more sparingly and as accents in order to create a vibrancy in an interior space.

“Colours on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colours and include the hues of blues and greens.

“These colours are often described as calming and could be used very well to bring a sense of balance to the more powerful colours.”

When it came to working with colour, Ms Robertson said her personal favourites were the softer tones paired with exciting wallpapers, decals and complementary paint colours.

When it comes to starting your interior design journey Ms Robertson said to plan thoroughly.

“Keep your eye on your budget always, as it can blow out very quickly,” she said.

“Start with the non-negotiable items, possibly an heirloom piece of furniture or an inherited art piece.

“Take care of specifying heavily themed room furniture items as these can be costly and often don’t go the distance.

“For example, if you are designing your youngsters’ living space and they desire a themed Disney room, be cautious with the big-ticket items.

“Add your themed items for sure, but ensure you spend the dollar on the easily replaced items such as art, themed bed linens, bean bags, cushions and throws.

“Ensure you utilize your budget on these less expensive items which are quickly disposable.”

No booking is needed to speak to the experts, simply visit the Summit Homes Group’s Style Studio at 242 Leach Highway, Myaree between 10am and 2pm each Saturday until the end of February.