Groups form alliance opposing Perth Freight Link

A NEW alliance made up of local community groups and organisations has formed in opposition to the Perth Freight Link.

Rethink Perth Freight Link co-|convenor Kim Dravnieks said the alliance was formed because they believed spending billions on a truck freeway would take money away from more viable options.

“Local residents face either losing their homes or living with increased noise, vibration and pollution from heavy diesel trucks,” she said.

“Taxpayers question the spending of $1.6 to $2 billion on a road that doesn’t even reach the port, without any planning assessments to support this as the best solution.

“It doesn’t have to be this way because alternative options for handling container traffic include improving the efficiency of existing roads, putting more freight on rail, situating container parks away from the port and developing the outer harbour at Kwinana.”

Ms Dravnieks said the alliance had written to Colin Barnett and Tony Abbott calling on them to suspend work, including the demolition of homes, and to do rigorous, independent assessments of how the link relates to the proposed privatisation of Fremantle Port.